Thinking about selling your domain name or website? You came to the right place. Remember, will handle everything for you, no need to talk to countless buyers and worry about safety. The payment will come straight from our pocket, so you’re in no harm of possible chargebacks or reversals. However, we do have some minimum requirements you must meet before we can consider buying your domain/website.

We will purchase your domain if it meets one or more of the following requirements:

  • Domain name length. Our company is mainly interested in short, one-word domain names. Two or three-word domains are acceptable, providing that we find them desirable. Ideally, we would love to purchase two, three, and four char domain names.
  • Memorability. If your domain has a catchy name and is easy to remember, we may consider buying it.
  • Domain age. We love aged domains! Providing that they have a clean slate (no unnatural/spammy backlinks).
  • Keyword-rich domains. We will consider longer, keyword-rich domains, providing that they are referring to a desirable niche.
  • Domain authority. Our company is also interested in established domains! If you have a clean domain name, with a good history and lots of valid backlinks, then please submit it for a review.
  • Activity. If you have a website you would like to sell, we have a 10,000 unique visitors per month minimum.

We are mainly interested in top-level domains (.com/.net/.org), but we are willing to consider other extensions. Please submit your domain/website via the form below. We will contact you in less than 12 hours to further verify your property. We may ask for additional information before we make you an offer.

    WANT TO KNOW MORE? comes from the makers of! Our years of buying and selling social properties gave us the experience we need to venture into the world of premium and established domains. If you would like to know more about our company, click here.


    Make sure that you’ve read our Terms of Service. We will not respond to any inquiries that do not follow our basic requirements and guidelines. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our support center.


    Do you purchase non-English domain names or websites?

    If the name is desirable, maybe. We mostly like to stick to English only domains/websites.

    What type of payment methods do you offer?

    Our current payment methods for buyers and sellers are:

    • Western Union
    • MoneyGram
    • Wire
    • ACH Payment
    • Bitcoin

    Each of our payment methods come with a few restrictions. For full payment details visit our payment page.

    How fast will I get paid?

    That depends on the amount of history and data we need to verify. Providing that we do make an offer, most transactions are closed within 12-24 hours from submission.

    Do I need to register on in order to sell my domain?

    Registration is not required. However, we do require identity verification from all sellers, as stated in our Terms of Service.

    Can I use 3rd party escrow services?

    Yes. If you’re worried for any reason, we can use to conduct the transaction.