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If you were contacted by one of our sales representatives regarding the purchase of your domain or website, then please click here to get a free, no obligation quote. We pay top dollar for every type of website/domain, and payout the very same day upon approving the transaction. If you would like to find out more about EstablishedDomains.co, then please take a few minutes of your time to read the rest of this page, or you can skip directly to our about us section.


Looking to expand your domain portfolio? Or perhaps you’re in the market for an established website? Established Domains can fulfill your domain/website needs! While our company isn’t a Fortune 500 type of business, our dedicated team of domain hunters continuously provide top quality properties. So, if you’re eager to purchase premium and established domains, then give us a shot.  Just use this form to get started!

“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man.” — Bill Gates

Let’s skip the flashy quotes and talk about who we are and what we can do for you. Our company scours the web every day in search of valuable domains and websites. We are mainly focused on established, high authority domains, but we also purchase ready-made websites and online communities. If you have a domain you’re no longer using, or a website you don’t want to maintain anymore, then please give our company a try.

Company History

EstablishedDomains.co comes from the makers of ViralAccounts.com! Our years of buying and selling social properties gave us the knowledge we need to venture into the world of premium and established domains. Even though Established Domains is a new venture, the team behind it has years of experience in buying and selling virtual assets. We have been mentioned in countless prestigious online publications such as Digital Journal or TheNextWeb. While working under the ViralAccounts.com banner, we developed a stellar reputation, and we plan to keep it that way by providing you top-notch service. EstablishedDomains.co is not a high volume business, and this is something we’re actually proud of, as our primary objective is quality, not quantity. Even though our staff lacks the manpower, we will still provide you with excellent customer support and premium domain names.

What do we do?

We scour the web for recently abandoned and expired domains, only to flip them directly to our pool of buyers. We also like to purchase established websites and communities. Additionally, our company provides an escrow (middleman) service for domain related transactions, and if there is a domain you want but can’t get, we also offer domain acquisition consulting.

What type of properties do we buy?

Our company is mainly interested in short, one-word domain names. Two or three-word domains are acceptable, providing that we find them desirable. Ideally, we would love to purchase two, three, and four char domain names. However, we also accept other properties such as:

  • Established websites
  • Viral mini-sites
  • Keyword-rich domains
  • High authority domains
  • Established communities (forums/discussion boards)

Our most important objectives are top-level domains (.com/.net/.org), but we are willing to consider other extensions. Like all resellers, we will look at anything that has potential value, so if you believe your property is worth something, then please fill out this form.

What methods of payment do we provide?

Our current payment methods for buyers and sellers are:

  • Paypal.com
  • Skrill.com
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Bank Wire
  • ACH Payment
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash By Mail

We have a few restrictions regarding each payment method. For more information, please visit our payment page.

Where are we located?

We’re located in the heart of the European Union. If you would like to read more about our company, please click here.


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